Changes in May, 2023

Tags: devlog

May 28, 2023

New Features ✨

  • Import Stories From

You can now import interactive stories from to our site!

Import A Story

From the site, you can get there under the “write” button on the top navbar:

Then click the new “Import a Story” button:

And follow the instructions on the page. You must own the story to import it.

  • Completed Tag

Stories are now marked as “completed” if they are:

  1. Linear stories
  2. With an ending

Here is how it appears:

You can also search by completed stories, or chapters from completed stories. The toggle is under “Advanced Filters” on the search page:

May 19, 2023

New Features ✨

  • Tag pages!

Every tag now has an overview page. The pages include information like related tags, recent stories/chapters with the tag, as well as stats relating to popular stories/chapters.

To go to a tag page, click on any tag. Tag pages also exist for the red gender pairing tags like “f/m”, although not for the other colorful story property tags like “additions open”, “interactive”, “linear”, etc.

Upcoming Features ⏰

  • Import stories from external sites

Have you noticed the interactive stories that were imported from This is a new feature we’re working on! If you are the owner of an interactive story on, you’ll be able to import it to Collaberotica. Other sites may also be available. We’re currently working on a way to import stories from the site itself. But if you want your story imported now, contact Swai and ask for your story to be imported.