Changes in April, 2023

Tags: devlog

April 22, 2023

New Features ✨

  • Add cover art to your stories!
    • Cover art is visible on the intro, table of contents, and story previews (in browse, search, etc.)
    • Don’t forget to add it to your current stories!

  • You can now see who liked and followed things!
    • Although private likes/follows won’t be shown, and neither will dislikes

  • Added a feedback link to the navbar, so if you see something wrong, it’s easy to let us know

Bugs Fixed 🪱

  • Quality of uploaded images is really, finally fixed
    • (If your avatar looks pixelated, try reuploading it. It should be good now.)
  • Removed some unused code to speed the site up a little

Design Changes 👩‍🎨

  • Cleaned up stories and story cards to accommodate your new cover art
  • Also made view counts more visible there too
  • Made user profile page look cool
  • Links to some social media are on the browse page

April 17, 2023

✨ New Changes ✨

  • Added Twitter login. You can now register and log in with your Twitter account!
  • Fixed avatars uploads - newly uploaded avatars should look a lot better than before

April 13, 2023

✨ New Changes ✨

  • Added the About Us and Donate pages
  • Added links to your unpublished stories on the Write Something page, in case you forgot about them

🌈 Design Changes 🌈

  • Adjusted login, register pages
  • Enwidened the browse page
  • Chapter choices look much better on mobile
  • Experiment: removed the tags icon

April 8, 2023 - New Editor!

This is a big one. After careful consideration, we changed the rich text editor used throughout the site.

editor after)

The new editor, TinyMCE, gives you way more style and formatting options than before, so it will be much easier to get your story to look the way you like. Also, copying and pasting content from other editors, like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, should be much more accurate.

This is a very big change across the site. The way rich text content is presented has been changed everywhere. Of course, we’ve taken great care to ensure that anything written with the old editor was not changed. If you run into any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Community discussion, as always, will be on our Discord.

Thanks again for choosing Collaberotica. We’re thrilled to grow with you!

- DragonRhea & Swai

April 4, 2023

✨ Changes ✨

  • Lots of quality-of-life changes for Search
    • Search text is now optional (* is no longer used)
    • You can now search for exact phrases
    • The results section now has a description of what was searched for
    • Search-dropdown sections (tags, stories, users, series) are bigger
  • Added a simple, dedicated “recent chapters” page for stories. The link is in the recent chapters section when you look at a story’s introduction page
  • Some CSS adjustments

🐞 Bugfixes 🐞

  • Searching for chapters limited to your follows now works as expected. (Unless you expected it to not work. Then it’s broken!)
    • Results will filtered to chapters either: written by authors you follow, or within stories you follow
  • fixed some icons on mobile
  • performance issues