Changes in February, 2024

Tags: devlog

September 1, 2023

New Changes ✨

  • Big Browse page revamp!
    • Now called “Read page”
    • Now a feed style with two feeds: things you follow, and all recent items
    • Stats, story popularity, rankings, etc. have been moved to separate pages
    • The page should load faster
  • The Following page became redundant and was removed in favor of the Following feed
  • Certain types of notifications became redundant and were removed in favor of the Following feed
  • On your User Profile page, it is now clear whether your likes/follows are private
  • “The End” no longer appears on ending chapters automatically. A story’s final words should be left to the author
  • Page titles are less big
  • Fixed some UI issues on Safari
  • UI improvements to Polls, Chapters Stories, Search Results, and general consistency

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